Air Force Honor Guard helps support 60th Anniversary events

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Madelyn Waychoff
  • USAF Honor Guard Public Affairs
While carrying out their day-to-day mission of laying to rest fallen Airmen in Arlington National Cemetery, the Air Force Honor Guard helped celebrate the Air Force's 60th anniversary Sept. 18, both at the Air Force Memorial and the Pentagon.
Though most ceremonial guardsmen were not at the forefront of every event, they each provided much needed support throughout each ceremony. For the 60th Anniversary Wreath Laying Ceremony, Honor Guard Airmen provided a cordon, narrated the event, and performed their duties as wreath bearer, escort, door opener and briefer.
"It's always a thrill to be a part of these ceremonies, but this was special," said Senior Airman Daniel Hickman, Air Force Honor Guard ceremonial guardsman. "To get to say I was part of the 60th anniversary, and not just as a spectator, but actually in the ceremony, is huge. It's something I'll always remember."
The wreath laying was not the only event Bolling Airmen were involved in. There was also a birthday celebration held at the Pentagon, during which the Air Force Honor Guard Drill Team performed; a birthday celebration at the Defense Intelligence Agency, which had a color team and another performance by the drill team; and a 60th birthday cake cutting at Ft. McNair, Va., which required a cake-cutting detail.
"Our Airmen have really stepped up and are excited to be involved in all the 60th Anniversary events in our nation's capital," said Lt. Col. Anthony Taylor, Air Force Honor Guard commander. "This is a great opportunity for all of us here, being in the Air Force Honor Guard for the 60th anniversary of the Air Force is a 'life-building' experience. This is an event I will always be able to talk to my children about and show them the pride I have in my Air Force. I attended the Air Force's 50th Anniversary Ball, and it's amazing how things have changed now that our family and our service has grown another 10 years."
But this is just the beginning for the Honor Guard. They are also preparing for the upcoming "Heritage to Horizons" Air Force Tattoo Sept. 23, and the Global Air Chiefs and Air Force Association Conferences next week.
"This is a very busy time for us, but we're all excited to be here and be a part of history," said Colonel Taylor. "'Heritage to Horizons' cannot be just a slogan. We as leaders and Airman must embrace our past, our traditions and our people, and launch them to ever greater heights."