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About the Pallbearers


"Last To Let You Down"
Representing the loyalty and honor the Pallbearers accord to a fallen service member as well as the literal lowering of the casket at the gravesite.


About The Pallbearers
Pallbearers are a necessary component of any funeral, responsible for carrying the fallen service members, dependents and national leaders to their final resting places. This includes U.S. Air Force, joint service and state funerals not only at Arlington National Cemetery but across the U.S. Pallbearers also perform dignified transfers for U.S. military members who died overseas while in the service of their country, as well as serve as wreath bearers throughout the National Capital Region.


Pallbearers are among the strongest Airmen in the Air Force. All hand-selected candidates have the mental and physical fortitude needed for the elite U.S. Air Force Honor Guard Funeral Detail. 

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Initial Training:

Pallbearer training is a physically and mentally demanding three-week course which will test each candidate’s physical stature, as well as teach the fundamentals of each funeral sequence and type of ceremony. 

Tier II Assessment Instructions:

Step 1: Watch the Honor Guard Pallbearer instructional video. Ensure the PTL has also viewed and understands the entirety of the assessment and component requirements.

Step 2: Complete the Tier II Fitness Test and document results on the Score Sheet. Test results must be within 90 days of application.

Steps 3: Email the completed and signed Score Sheet and copy of My Fitness Report to U.S. Honor Guard Recruiting:



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