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Air Force Drill Team Mission

U.S. Air Force Drill TeamMission
The Drill Team promotes the Air Force mission by showcasing drill performances at public and military venues to recruit, retain, and inspire Airmen. They support Air Force Recruiting Service as the official Ambassadors in Blue. 

Preserving the Air Force heritage as the face of the Air Force, the Drill Team is renowned for precision -- the premier choice to inspire current and future Airmen, worldwide.

In all they do, the Drill Team personifies the integrity, discipline, teamwork, and professionalism of every Airman and every Air Force mission.

About the Drill Team

About The Drill Team

A standard USAF Drill Team performance features a professionally choreographed sequence of show-stopping weapon maneuvers, precise tosses, complex weapon exchanges, and a walk through the gauntlet of spinning weapons.

The Drill Team also provides an incredible four-person performance centered on a stationary drill commander, flanked by four team members who simultaneously hurl their 11-pound weapons over and around the commander -- performing a sequence of events unmatched by any other professional military drill team. 

Throughout the years, the Drill Team has worked with the Air Force Recruiting Service to provide presence in hundreds of locations. The team tours various Air Force bases and community events across the globe, as well as providing performances to thousands visiting the Nation's Capital at various national monuments in Washington, D.C. The Drill Team also serves as the lead office for all USAF Honor Guard recruiting. 

Team Training
U.S. Air Force Drill Team

Drill Team training is an eight-week training course that teaches the fundamentals of precision drill. As a matter of heritage, technical drill maneuvers are not written in a manual but passed from one generation of the Drill Team to another.

All technical sergeants and below must complete Drill Team training and then evaluate in front of the USAF Honor Guard leadership and their peers to be considered for membership with the team. The commander and the chief of the Drill Team are hand selected by the USAF Honor Guard commander. To maintain continuity of drill proficiency, all Drill Team members serve a minimum of two years when assigned to the team.

Drill Team members are selected from the USAF Honor Guard. The Drill Team members represent the best of each individual ceremonial flight within the Honor Guard. 

All members have risen to the challenge of the Drill Team and developed the discipline required to be a member of this elite performance unit. The Drill Team is open to both men and women.

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