Base Honor Guard Training
Base Honor Guard Training

The Base Honor Guard Training Program standardizes ceremonies and the manner in which they are performed from base to base, across the Air Force. The program provides detailed instructions on key areas such as manuals, uniforms, history and traditions, and a variety of ceremonies.

News for Base Honor Guards

This section provides current information from the DoD, Air Staff (AF/A1S), and the The United States Air Force Honor Guard (Base Honor Guard OPRs).  Included below is what is pertinent to organizations rendering military funeral honors and providing military ceremonial support.

Released Memos
- 2008 CMSAF's AF Honor Guard Awards for Base Honor Guards & the USAF Honor Guard


Base Honor Guard Training

The ceremonial guardsmen is an individual of good
reputation, having integrity, ethical conduct and exhibiting
standards which merit respect; responsible for protecting
and overseeing the maintenance of standards on
and off duty. It is truly an occupation which requires
outstanding devotion and commitment to duty.
By maintaining our history and exceptionally high
standards, honor guards will continue to remain
an icon of excellence.

BHG Funeral Training

Base Honor Guard Training

Research more about the new funeral detail policy on the links below; for further questions contact the USAF Honor Guard BHG Standardization & Training Program

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