Members of the U.S. Air Force Honor Guard are selectively chosen to represent Airmen serving in the U.S. Air Force. Through their precise drill movements, immaculate uniform appearance and attention to detail, these Airmen display the integrity, service and excellence expected of airmen around the world. To be selected for the USAF Honor Guard means you are chosen to be the face of the Air Force to American and global audiences as you represent the Air Force in ceremonies, special events and performances across the nation and around the world.

What to Expect

All ceremonial guardsmen of the U.S. Air Force Honor Guard have the responsibility of representing the U.S. and the Air Force in a variety of ceremonies conducted throughout the capital area, including ceremonies at the White House, Pentagon, National Mall, Arlington National Cemetery and sacred Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The USAF Honor Guard also travels across the country representing the Air Force at hometown events, high schools and some of the biggest major-league sporting events.

U.S.Air Force Honor Guard RecruitingAs an Airman in the USAF Honor Guard, you are entrusted to uphold the standards of all Airmen in the Air Force -- you represent them. You must epitomize perfection in dress and appearance, customs and courtesies and drill and ceremonies. You are responsible for ensuring that you, and your fellow wingmen, are physically and mentally prepared to flawlessly execute the USAF Honor Guard's mission.

Noncommissioned Officers U.S. Air Force Honor Guard Recruiting
Junior NCOs can serve in leadership positions as NCOs in charge or element leaders in the only selectively manned 210-member squadron with a full-time ceremonial mission. NCOs perform in all unit ceremonies while also executing a variety of ancillary responsibilities, including mission scheduling, standardization/evaluation and U.S. Air Force Drill Team operations. All NCOs ensure subordinate ceremonial guardsmen maintain mission readiness and will have immediate supervision of between five and 10 Airmen.

Senior Noncommissioned Officers
U.S. Air Force Honor Guard RecruitingSNCOs are responsible for day-to-day operations of a flight as superintendent or NCOIC, supervising flight-level operations for as many as 50 to 60 Airmen. SNCOs advise flight commanders on planning, operational matters, mission readiness and ceremonial standards. SNCOs are ceremonial guardsmen and perform in all unit ceremonies and ensure subordinate guardsmen maintain mission readiness. Ceremonies include presidential inaugurations, joint-service state and Air Force funerals, joint-service and Air Force wreath ceremonies at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, White House and Pentagon arrival and departure ceremonies and Air Force and joint-service parades throughout the National Capital Region. 

Company Grade Officers U.S. Air Force Honor Guard Recruiting
In addition to standard flight commander duties, the USAF Honor Guard officers provide mission briefs to senior DoD and Air Force leadership -- routinely briefing the Chief of Staff of the Air Force and other Air Force general officers. Company grade officers primarily lead ceremonial formations in two functions: commanding Air Force formations in joint-service ceremonies honoring the President of the United States, foreign heads of state and senior DoD leaders; and leading Air Force ceremonies during military honors funerals, performing as many as 10 full-honors funerals each week at Arlington National Cemetery.

Commander's Statement

Vowing to stand crisp, sharp and motionless, members of the U.S. Air Force Honor Guard train every day to represent the Department of the Air Force in events throughout the nation's capital, across the country, and around the world. During their tours in the Honor Guard, ceremonial guardsmen display the excellence and precision of all Airmen and Guardians as they participate in events with the President, Secretary of Defense, senior Air and Space Force leaders, and international dignitaries. However, the duty they train the most for is the most somber- they honor those that served before us and their families, every day, during funeral services at Arlington National Cemetery.

The USAF Honor Guard is always looking for sharp Airmen with a deep devotion to duty and a strong sense of dedication. If you want to have a memorable and rewarding assignment; if you exhibit the highest professional military standards; if you look forward to the challenge of leading and representing all others serving your nation, then you are exactly who the USAF Honor Guard is looking for- Come join "The Chief's Own".

How to Join the Honor Guard

There are two ways to join the USAF Honor Guard: as a basic trainee or as a prior-service Airman.

Have you not yet joined the Air Force?
If you are interested in joining the U.S. Air Force and becoming a member of the USAF Honor Guard, your recruiter can provide information on joining our team.  Potential applicants will then conduct an interview with USAF Honor Guard leadership.  Click here to learn more about how to join the Air Force.

Already an Airman who has fulfilled your minimum time-on-station requirement?

If you are a prior service applicant, ensure you meet the minimum qualifications listed in the Air Force Enlisted Classification Directory. For ranks of E-3 to E-4, Airmen can apply through the Assignment Management System (AMS). These positions are advertised via EUAL Plus. For E-5 to E-7, your chain of command will have to recommend you via Developmental Special Duty. After being recommended, you will need to fill out an application electronically.

The USAF Honor Guard does not have any positions for those serving in the Air National Guard or AF Reserve.

Minimum Qualifications

1. Members must be eligible for a permanent change of station reassignment.  Reference AFI 36-2110, Assignments Quality Control, paragraph 2.40, for specific requirements.

2. Performance reports must show the applicant has consistently demonstrated high standards of character, discretion, loyalty and performance.

3. No physical disqualifiers, to include history of posture, back, knee, feet, joint or equilibrium problems.

4. 20/20 vision is required, or it must be correctable via contact lenses.

5. Must present impeccable military image and conform to exacting grooming standards.

6. No fear of firearms or have a history of anxiety, emotional or nervous system disorders.

7. Ability to speak clearly and distinctly with no speech impediment.

8. Desired height requirement for males is 5'10" and for females it is 5'6".

9. Ability to lift 40 lbs. 

10. Have no conviction under the uniformed code of military justice during current enlistment.

11. Minimum "General" AQE score of 30. 

Still Want To Know More?

Permissive TDY Shadows Program
(available to E6 and above)
This program allows approved individuals to travel (at their expense) to Washington, D.C., and setup a shadow program with a current USAF Honor Guard guardsmen.  The USAF Recruiting section will handle the schedule of the day. This offers first-hand experience for those considering this assignment.  This program is available right now for E6 and above applicants.  If you are on a government TDY in Washington, D.C., consider contacting us to arrange a one-day extension to participate in this program.

PCS Sponsor Program
The USAF Honor Guard has a sponsor package prepared to send to every approved applicant. Depending on rank, a military training leader or technical training course supervisor will be the applicant's official sponsor. The USAF Honor Guard is committed to ensuring that everyone has a smooth transition to the unit, so please contact us if you are experiencing delays in receiving information (choose the "URGENT - I have PCS sponsor issues!" recipient choice). 

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