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Frequently Asked Questions

Although we have made an attempt to answer the most common questions about joining the U.S. A ir Force Honor Guard, you may have a situation that is not specifically addressed in this section.  Direct further questions to the USAF Honor Guard recruiters by email.

1. Can I bring my spouse with me when I get to technical training?
Your spouse may join you upon the completion of technical training.

2. Where is the USAF Honor Guard technical school located?
The school is located at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, Washington, D.C.

3. How do I become a part of the Drill Team, or a Technical Training School Instructor?
First you must become fully qualified on your assigned ceremonial flight. Periodically, your flight commander/chief will notify you about the opportunity to audition for the Drill Team, and the other non-ceremonial flights. This takes an average of one year of service in the USAF Honor Guard before most Airmen are eligible, but the timeline can be shorter depending on variable circumstances.

4. How long of a tour is the USAF Honor Guard?
It is a four year tour for prior service. 

5. Is there any special duty pay?
No, this is a voluntary special duty with no additional pay. However, the USAF Honor Guard provides all uniforms, and items necessary for this assignment(approximately $3,000 in value), and these items can be exchanged/cared for through our supply unit at no personal expense.

6. Is there a lot of traveling involved?
The Drill Team is the primary traveling element, traveling approximately 120 to 180 days per year. Members assigned to the Mobile Training Teams (also known as the training flight) have the opportunity to travel to train Base Honor Guard members at Air Force bases worldwide. Additionally, the USAF Honor Guard parade elements travel to participate in events throughout the country. In general, there are many opportunities to travel based on the flight you are qualified in.

7. Is there a possibility of deployment? Can I volunteer?
Until recently, the answer was "No"; all personnel within the USAF Honor Guard are on a controlled tour (see AF Stabilized Tour Guide), so everyone was classified as non-deployable. In the past two years, the USAF Honor Guard has sent two ceremonial guardsmen on deployment. While supporting the Air Force's ongoing military operations is critical, the USAF Honor Guard is a specialized command, operating solely to provide ceremonial support to the entire Air Force. There are no backfills for our billets, meaning the personnel assigned and qualified for our unit are all there is. For this reason, we are generally a non-deployable unit.

8. When can I apply for base housing?
Once accepted to the USAF Honor Guard, members will be able to registar for the on-base housing waiting list. Permissive leave (TDY) will be given for members who choose to find off-base living arrangements.

9. Can I choose what element I am assigned to?
Generally speaking, ceremonial flights are assigned based on the needs of the USAF Honor Guard. You will be selected for one of the ceremonial flights based on your skills shown through training, and current flight manning.

10. What should I do about my date estimated return from overseas (DEROS) if applying from overseas?
Members will not be granted an assignment until after their DEROS has expired. Apply within six to 12 months prior to your DEROS.

11. Do I have to stay in the dorms for technical school?
No, but all off-base personnel will be provided a consolidated room with a locker at the training facility where you can take showers and prepare your uniforms.

12. How does the application process work?
After the member's application is received, it is routed through the USAF Honor Guard chain of command. If approved, a notification is sent to Air Force Personnel Center to see if the Air Force can release you from your primary career field. More information is available on the second page of the downloadable application to the USAF Honor Guard.

13. Can I bring my car with me when I report (to Technical School)?
Yes, but you will march in formation during the duty day (while in technical training).

14. Are TDY's frequent?
No. Temporary duties (TDYs) are voluntary, in relation to the ceremonial flight you are assigned to (I.E. If you volunteer for the Drill Team, Parade Flights and Mobile Training Teams, you will then be assigned to TDYs). The only notable exception is state funeral ceremonies, where specific "fly-away" teams will deploy in support of a state funeral within 24 hours notice; again, these are selective & pre-designated teams.

15. I'm a single Airman, what are the rank requirements to live off base?
The 11th Civil Engineer Squadron (11th CES) manages the USAF Honor Guard dormitory, and the overflow dormitory assigned to Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling. Generally speaking, the requirements are the same as all Air Force bases: all Airmen with three-years of service and a rank of E-3 and above living in the dorms have priority to move off-base before others. In limited circumstances (determined by 11th CES) an E-3 without dependents may be allowed to move off-base. This is mandated by Air Force Instruction based on current on-base occupancy and demand.

16. I'm married, will housing be made available for my family?
The housing on Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling is managed by The Landings at Bolling. It is safest to get in touch with the housing office to have any questions answered regarding availability. They may be reached at, or by phone at: (202) 562-2631.

17. Are there schools on base for my children?
No. The Family Housing Office can provide a list of busing options for select schools in the area. Otherwise, it is your preference on the school you elect to send your children to. The 11th Mission Support Squadron, Airmen's Readiness Center, can answer additional questions.

18. Will there be time to continue my education?
Absolutely! The duty hours required of ceremonial guardsmen may be demanding at times. However, most members continue, and complete, their education no interference from your assignment. The USAF Honor Guard has a special partnership with the Base Education Office. Several universities come to the USAF Honor Guard campus to teach classes, providing the members of the USAF Honor Guard a minute walk from the squadron dormitory to class. Additionally, considering all personnel are non-deployable, and there are no Career Development Courses or upgrade-training required of this special duty assignment, continuing education is an option made readily available to Honor Guard Airmen.