AF Honor Guard mission, culture captured in new Max Impact video

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Ryan Carson
  • Max Impact
Max Impact, the premier rock band of The United States Air Force Band, debuted their latest music video project "Stand" on Sept. 16th at the Air Force Association's Air and Space Technology Conference 2013.

The original song, written by Airmen musicians Senior Master Sgt. Matthew Ascione and Tech. Sgt. Matt Geist, highlights the mission and dedication to duty of the United States Air Force Honor Guard. Drawing inspiration from the honor guard charge, he crafted lyrics and a driving soundtrack to help capture the mission and culture. The musical intensity parallels the energy displayed by the Air Force Honor Guardsman on every mission.

The video features all of the sections of the Air Force Honor Guard doing what they do best--their mission with excellence. It was shot on location throughout the Washington D.C. area, with assistance from Air Force Television, the 1st Helicopter Squadron from Joint Base Andrews and the Band's producer, Senior Master Sgt. Jebodiah Eaton.

"Completion of this project under such austere times was made possible by the familial relationships of the professionals of multiple Air Force agencies. I owe a huge thank you to Ms. Erin Roberts and her amazing staff at AFTV. Col. Larry Riddick and the 811th Operations staff on Joint Base Andrews made the aerial footage possible," Eaton said.

"Stand" follows the resounding success of the previous original song and music video, "Send Me," written for Air Force Special Tactics. The video is available to view or download for free at bottom of The U.S. Air Force Band's website.