AF Honor Guard Drill Teams reveals new routine for Keesler

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Alexandria Mosness
  • 81st Training Wing Public Affairs
The Air Force Honor Guard Drill Team unveiled their new routine for upcoming season at the Triangle Drill Pad here March 7.

The 81st Training Group was in attendance along with other members of Team Keesler.

For the last few years, the drill team has used Keesler as their temporary duty location to learn their new drill routine. Approximately 19 Honor Guard members participated at the training camp this year.

"Keesler is great because there is nothing to distract us," said Senior Airman Allan Schaad, a drill team trainer and native of Sisters, Ore. "We have full concentration to learn the new drill."

While there is nothing to distract them, it doesn't mean the training gets any easier.

"It means longer days," Schaad added. "We have 12-14 hours days and gym daily doubles. Our whole time is dedicated to practicing and learning the new routine."

From inception to perfection, the drill team has one mission while at Keesler--to perfect the upcoming season's routine, said 1st Lt. Alan Morford, drill team flight commander.

The high-speed mentality is nothing new for these drill team member as they usually do about 100 drill routines a season and can potentially do upwards of 180 routines.
It's all a part of the job, according to Morford.

"Our mission is to recruit, retain and inspire," he said. "We are used by the recruiters, we perform at base levels helping retain, and we inspire with our precision and dedication drill takes."

And that's what they did with their first routine of the season.

"It was a stellar performance," said Airman Basic John Ransom, 335th Training Squadron. "It was truly breath taking and motivating. It showcased the excellence of the excellent. My father used to do drill, and I just joined my squadron honor guard. Expect to see me soon," he said, in regard to a future in the Air Force Honor Guard.