Disney welcomes Drill Team to celebrate AF 60th Anniversary

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  • By USAF Honor Guard Drill Team
Disneyland's guests were in for a unique day on Apr 18, as they entered the resort to discover the Air Force Honor Guard Drill Team was performing, and huge crowds quickly gathered on Disney's 'Main Street USA' to be a part of the action. The performance marked the closing event for the Drill Team's California Tour, and provided a chance to bring the Air Force's 60th anniversary celebration right into the heart of the community. The audience was in awe during the 20-minutes as the Drill Team showed-off the Air Force's heritage of precision and discipline through their large 16-Man performance demonstration.

Afterwards, the Drill Team joined up with local Air Force Recruiters from Mission Viejo, Calif., and held an autograph and Air Force information session where they spent time with several Vietnam veterans and interacted with the other adults and kids who were visiting Disneyland, from all parts of the world.