Drill Team takes AF precision international

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  • By USAF Honor Guard Drill Team
This week the Drill Team begins their "USAFE Tour", marking the first time in three years that the Drill Team has traveled to the European theater.  The Drill Team is the traveling component of the Air Force Honor Guard and tours Air Force bases world wide showcasing the precision of today's Air Force to recruit, retain, and inspire Airmen for the Air Force mission. The Team will provide community relations performances at the major USAF bases in central Europe, including Aviano Air Base in Italy, and Ramstein Air Base, Spangdahlem Air Base and Kapun Air Station, all in Germany.  Additionally, the Team will perform and spend time with Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines recovering at Landstuhl Medical Center in Germany.

Headlining this tour is the Team's appearance, with other US Department of Defense leaders, where they will represent the DoD at the "International Festival of Honour Guards" in Miskolc City, Hungary.  

Public Performance Locations: 
28 Jul - Miskolc City, Hungary 
30 Jul - Aviano Air Base, Italy
1 Aug - Ramstein Air Base, Germany
1 Aug - Landstuhl Medical Center, Germany
1 Aug - Kapun Air Station, Germany
2 Aug - Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany

The Team has many public performances planned in the US during the month of August at various AF Week events, AF Recruiting Service events, the Washington, D.C. area, AF bases and the surrounding communities across the east coast.  For more information regarding performance times, contact the local Base Public Affairs office or contact the Drill Team Operations office.