USAF Honor Guard Officer Application Instructions

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The first step in the application is to coordinate with your commander/AFPC assignment officer (functional) and ensure you are approved to apply to this special duty.  In the event that AFPC declines your release, please notify USAF Honor Guard Recruiting.

Once you have approval, your commander/director (or appropriate delegate) must nominate you via email message to USAF Honor Guard Recruiting.  Next, submit your entire application prior to the suspense.  Officer applications are only accepted electronically, follow instructions here

Officer Application Requirements:
Tab 1 - Officer SURF, print this only from AMS not vMPF
Tab 2 - Two full-length photographs (8" x 10"):
      1) One in service dress, front view
      2) One in short sleeve, light blue shirt with tie/tab, full 90-degree profile angle
Tab 3 - Personal Statement, in memorandum format on why you are applying for a position with the USAF HG (limit to one page).
Tab 4 - One Letter of Recommendation (from applicant's choice)
Tab 5 - All OPRs, (include training reports and any medal citations awarded)
Tab 6 - Physical Profile Serial Report (AF Form 422); must indicate profile & height, completed within 6 months
Tab 7 - Individual Fitness Report; most recent score must be less than 6 months old
Tab 8 - USAF HG - Presidential Support Program Questionnaire

Finally, select applicants will be requested on USAF HG-funded TDY orders to Washington, DC for an interview, and the USAF HG Commander will hire from among interviewees.

For additional questions, please contact the USAF Honor Guard Recruiting office.