Members to receive full pay for April 9-15

  • Published
  • By Jim Garamone
All service members will receive their full mid-month pay they have earned in their paychecks April 15, Pentagon officials said today.

"Basically, all active duty and reserve service members will receive full mid-month pay on the 15th of April," Pentagon spokesman Marine Col. Dave Lapan said. "It may be in two separate payments, but on the 15th everyone will receive their full allotted pay."

Confusion arose about the April 15 payday due to the threatened closure of the U.S. government last week. Administration and congressional leaders came to an agreement that ended that action late April 8.

The Defense Finance and Accounting Service had posted "net pay advice" to some service members, telling them what to expect in their accounts.

"Those net pay advice statements were made ... before we knew there was an agreement to fund the government," Colonel Lapan said. "When those were posted they only showed partial payments, but again, everyone will receive their full pay on the 15th for the duty served and it may be in more than one deposit."

Officials urge service members to check their end-of-month leave and earnings statements carefully. The normal end-of-month statements will be posted to accounts April 22.

The finance and accounting service has restored access to all leave and earnings statements, net pay advice or advice of pay for service members on the myPay website.

"The most-current advice of pay will still only show the partial payments for April 1-8," the finance service posted on its website. "This will allow us to make sure we can still process pay for April 9-15 and take steps to ensure it is in bank accounts on the 15th."