Wing, Honor Guard on a mission to be Fit to Fight

  • Published
  • By Tristan Bradshaw
  • U.S. Air Force Honor Guard
The U.S. Air Force Honor Guard Fit to Fight program, Jan. 20, had two unexpected guest at the base gym on Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, Washington, D.C.

11th Wing Commander Col. Kenneth R. Rizer and Command Chief Master Sgt. Anthony Brinkley participated in a full-body work out session with the unit to support and encourage the guard's new physical fitness policy and program.

"The success of the USAF Honor Guard depends greatly on our personnel's abilities to physically execute the mission," said Lt. Col. Kenneth Marentette, USAF Honor Guard commander.

For this reason, improvements in the physical fitness standards have been made to ensure guardsmen and women are mission ready at all times. The Honor Guard implemented the new physical fitness standards Jan. 16.

"Since our Airmen [in the Honor Guard] represent the face of the Air Force on a daily basis...Airmen are encouraged to prioritize their health and fitness," said Col. Gina Humble, 11th Operations Group commander.

The Honor Guard Fit to Fight members meet five times a week, for a one hour session on various fitness focused routines. Each Fit to Fight member will receive cardio, circuit, weight and aerobic fitness training.

One improvement, for example, establishes a series of practice fitness tests to assist Airmen in preparing for their recorded physical fitness test. The tests begin two month prior to the member's recorded test.

If the member scores 79.9 percent or lower, they are enrolled in the Fit to Fight program.

"The program assists them in improving their overall fitness score," said Marentette.

If the member scores 84.9 percent or lower one month before the official fitness test they will continue to participate in the program. Otherwise, they have graduated from Fit to Fight.

The guardsmen and women are responsible for leading one another through these physical endeavors. The unit has appointed physical training leaders from within to head the program.

Lead PTL's will develop and monitor their elements' PT program to ensure its effectiveness. There are currently 15 qualified PTL's.

"Fit to Fight isn't your standard workout program," Senior Airman Christopher Fairman, volunteer PTL. "It teaches us to conquer mental limitations because we need to be fit physically and mentally."

There are 44 guardsmen and women have volunteered to be trained as PTLs in the hopes of upholding the new physical fitness standards following the announcement of the unit's new policy.

The Honor Guard's new policy letter recognizes the benefits of regular physical activity and encourages commanders to provide ample opportunity Airmen to succeed Air Force physical fitness and appearance standards while adopting a healthy lifestyle.

The 11th Wing fitness goal is a 90 percent first-time pass rate for all Airmen and no repeat failures on fitness tests.

The Fit to Fight program is a reflection of the 11th Wing mission 'to represent Airman to the American public and the world' and the USAF Honor Guard's charge to represent all Airmen by wearing the ceremonial uniform properly and proudly.