'Today's Air Force' visits AF Honor Guard

  • Published
On Oct. 12, Air Force Television News released a new edition of "Today's Air Force" featuring the U. s. Air Force Honor Guard.

This edition of TAF highlights what the Air Force is doing for Energy Action Month, Staff Sgt. Chris Pyles introduces viewers to an Airman with a secret identity and Staff Sgt. Zack Lopez gives viewers a special look at the Air Force Honor Guard in action.

This 30-minute, bi-weekly news show can be seen every day on the Pentagon Channel and American Forces Television Service stations around the world. The show also airs on more than 140 public cable-access stations within the United States.

To submit a story idea for "Today's Air Force," or for any Air Force News products, send an email to storyideas@dma.mil.

This week's line-up includes:

Block 1
- Straight from the Top: Air Force leaders on Energy Awareness.
- REEP Program: Royal Air Force Lakenheath, England, takes a new approach towards energy awareness.

- F-35 Update: We'll take you to Eglin Air Force Base, Fla., to see what's new with the F-35 Lightning II.
- Typhoon Jelawat: Service members in Okinawa, Japan, got a visit from Mother Nature.

Block 2
- Taser Training: Security Forces at RAF Lakenheath find out what tasers feel like.
- Joint MWD Demo: U.S. Air Force security forces introduce military working dogs to their Korean counterparts.
- LEAP: Airmen in Japan are learning the culture.
- TWIP: This Week in Photos

Block 3
- Comic-Con: One Airman has a secret identity and shows it off in Baltimore.
- Honor Guard: It's the job of these Airmen to show what the Air Force is all about.