Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the different funeral services you provide?
A- The U.S. Air Force Honor Guard provides three different funerals, to include full honors funerals, standard honors funerals, and dependent funerals.

2. What are the differences between the funerals services you provide?
A- A full honors funeral has members from each unit of the U.S. Air Force Honor Guard to render honors in honor of the servicemember, such as the colors flight, firing party, pallbearers, an armed escort and The U.S. Air Force Band. A standard honors funeral consists of the firing party, pallbearers and a bugler at the funeral. For a dependent funeral the pallbearers honor the deceased. 

3. How does one qualify for a standard honor funeral?
A- Standard honors are provided for servicemembers with a rank of E-1 thru E-8.

4. How does a servicemember or individual qualify for a full honor funeral?
A- There are several qualifications to receive a full honors funeral. 1. The individual is a recipient of the Medal of Honor. 2. The individual can be a retired officer of any rank, or a retired chief master sergeant (E-9). 3. The individual can be active duty repatriation or killed in action. 4. An individual chosen for full honors funeral by act of Congress.

In conclusion, support is based upon the rank, position or status of the deceased (active duty, retired or veteran from U.S. Air Force, Reserve and Air National Guard).

5. How do I schedule a funeral at Arlington National Cemetery?
A- To schedule a funeral at Arlington you would need to contact them at (703) 607-8585. The overall responsibility for the setup of a funeral at Arlington rests with their funeral director/representative. Also know that content of the funeral can be influenced by weather, grave location, family desires, and air traffic. 

6. How can I get a flag folded in honor of my veteran relative?
A- This is a service the U.S. Air Force Honor Guard offers. You need to come by the squadron with the flag and the ceremonial guardsmen will perform the flag folding.

7. Who qualifies for flag requests?
A- Anyone qualifies to request use of a flag from the U.S. Air Force Honor Guard Flag inventory. You have to speak with 11th Operations Group at (202) 767-9854 to and fill out a request Form 2536.

8. How can I request a color team, parade flight or both?
A- Place a request with the 11th Operations Group at (202) 767-9254 and fill out a request Form 2536.

9. Can I have my retirement on the Ceremonial Lawn?
A- Yes. The outdoor season for the retirement ceremonies runs from the beginning of April through the end of September. Air Force District of Washington is responsible for scheduling the ceremonies on the lawn. From October to March, requests must also be approved by the 11th Civil Engineering Squadron to confirm the lawn care and fertilizing will not conflict with a requested "out-of-season" date.

The ceremonial lawn is used for Air Force unit events and for individual ceremonies for which the honoree is in the rank of O-10. The AFDW Command Center is the approval authority for these exceptions.

10. Could the Honor Guard cover my promotion?
A- In order for you to have your promotion ceremony conducted by the USAF Honor Guard, you have to be getting promoted from the rank of O-6 to above.

11. Could the Honor Guard cover my retirement?
A- The USAF Honor Guard covers retirement ceremonies conducted within the National Capital Region. If you are assigned to a unit that falls within the command of Air Force District of Washington, the request for USAF Honor Guard participation can be made. However, availability will depend on their commitments/assignments.

12. How do I schedule the Air Force Drill Team to perform for my event?
A- Contact the 11th Operations group at (202) 767-9254 to fill out a Form 2536 to request their participation at your event. The USAF Drill Team will contact you after their availability is confirmed to then provide you further guidance on their needs and requirements to perform. For example, in order for the team to intricately throw their rifles, they need to ensure they are performing in a facility that allows proper ceiling height and room size. A member of the team will work with you to ensure that these needs are met.

13. What do all the acronyms stand for?
A- Here is a quick guide to some of the acronyms you may see around the HG site.

ANC--Arlington National Cemetery
AVCSAF--Assistant Vice Chief of Staff, US Air Force
CSAF--Chief of Staff, US Air Force
DV--Distinguished Visitor
HAF--Headquarters Air Force
KIA--Killed in Action
MOH--Medal of Honor
NCOIC--Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge
NCR--National Capital Region
OIC--Officer in Charge
PC--Personal Color
POC--Point of Contact
SECAF--Secretary of the Air Force
USECAF--Under Secretary of the Air Force
VCSAF--Vice Chief of Staff, US Air Force

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